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If you are in need of a home or commercial roof cleaning service, look no further. Spectra Roof Restoration roof cleaners is the Sydney-based company that will get the job done. We have been offering our clients professional, prompt and affordable roof cleaning services for years. Choosing us is the key to getting a sparkling clean roof that is also visually appealing.

Without proper roof cleaning, moisture, dirt, and debris will build up and negatively impact the look of your home, place of business or industrial space. These dirt, mold, fungus and more may trigger damage to your roof and/or other parts of your home which will become an expensive replacement expense in the long run. A roof cleaning Sydney service is a more cost-effective option than a roof restoration.

Our methods of roof cleaning service is by using state of the art equipment, either a high-pressure water clean or soft washing solution and other tools. This process is safe and effective, aiming to remove dirt, lichen, fungus, droppings, sap, and much more. Call us to find out more!


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Residential Roof Cleaning Sydney

Are you a homeowner looking for a one-off miracle home roof clean? Our residential roof cleaners are efficient and effective at what they do. Not only bringing life back into your roof, they are able to remove those stubborn stains and spots that have been lingering around for years. Our Sydney roof cleaners have tackled many Sydney homes from cottages to 6 bedroom houses and more. We can assure you that a deep residential roof clean will surely increase the market value of your home, appeal and protect your asset.

We can do pressure roof cleaning or soft washing on cement, terracotta, metal and more. Combined with our cleaning solution, we will remove the unsightly dirt and mildew. Call us now and speak to our professionals that will guide you through the process on what you want, and what is needed. Whether it is a roof clean you need, or a roof painting service you desire. We work around your hours so that we do not affect your day to day activities.

We offer a free inspection with a thorough check so that the options provided to you are assured. We assess the area all around, check gutters and the surrounds – making sure there are no leakages or unwanted runoffs, and then determine the cleaning process. We ensure that the working area is safe and implement our cleaning method with a full wash down. We also clean any leftover debris on the ground so that you would not have to worry.

Our Sydney exterior roof cleaners are professionals and insured to get the job done. We know that getting a roof cleaning service is not common – we make it easy for you with professional results. For a cleaner roof, we are just one click away. Also, check out our gutter cleaning service.


Sydney Industrial / Commercial Roof Cleaning Service

Are you a business owner or managing a commercial property? Spectra Roof Restoration is also highly capable of cleaning local shops to large factories. A commercial roof cleaning of this caliber requires the utmost best in terms of service and price. We take all our jobs seriously so that the task would not affect your daily tasks.

You can be assured that our commercial roof cleaners are effective and efficient. Our first step is to assess the area and its surrounds, checking whether there is any runoff and flow that may lead to unwanted spaces or even leakages that are unknown. We offer the options available to see whether it fits and then set up a safe working environment for the cleaning to begin. We use a special solution to remove lichen and moss etc to remove the stubborn spots as well as cleaning any leftover debris in the surrounding areas.

We do not take shortcuts and do not surprise you with hidden fees or costs. We know that a roof clean will not only make your business look appealing but also boosts staff morale and is a welcoming setting for visitors and guests. We offer the absolute highest level of occupational health and safety standards and are insured to do the job right.

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Why Choose Our Roof Cleaning Professionals?

  • When you’re paying for a service, you deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. We understand that a commercial or home roof cleaning service is not something you purchase often. We make this easy for you.
  • We love helping new clients and this is why you’ll receive caring and personalized customer service from our company from beginning to end, whether the job is big or small.
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Our goal is to give each and every client a VIP experience. This means great communication, transparency in terms of quotes and billing and work which is completed promptly, according to industry best practices. We aim for consistency.
  • We work on residential, commercial and industrial roofs and we know how to clean roofs which stand the test of time that is equally attractive.
  • We only use the latest technology to ensure we give the best results.
  • We are your local roof cleaning Sydney problem solvers

Don’t Overpay For A Roof Clean

Some companies charge too much for roof cleaning services. We know that homeowners, business owners, and warehouse owners need affordable yet quality services. We know with high living expenses it is difficult to live in comfort! With this in mind, we price our services fairly.

We’re known for offering some of the competitive rates around, but we never skimp on quality. When you place your trust in our roof cleaning service today, you’ll get a thorough roof clean at a cost-friendly price. Most of our customers choose us because their friends, family, and colleagues have commented on our workmanship.

Our no-obligation free quote will make it easier for you to decide whether or not our services fit your budget. We think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the affordability of what we provide.

Now that you know a little more about us and what we offer, why not get in touch today? We’re here to share so much skill, knowledge, and advice. Whether your job is simple, moderately difficult or complex, you may rest assured that we have the right training, equipment, tools, and supplies to do so. We are ready to make your Aussie roof look stunning.

Other Roof Services


If you are in search for a professional commercial or residential roof painting service near you which is efficient and affordable, then contact Spectra Roof Restoration today. We’re here to help, and serve you, bringing years of professional experience to our roof painting duties. Whether it’s a protective coating or a refresh, contact us to find out more.


Roof Restoration Service

Having a worn out and dull roof doesn’t do your property much justice. We promise to get the job done right without any complications whilst meeting and exceeding your demands and expectations. With our roof restoration service, you’ll never need to worry about how your roof will look again! Cement, Terracotta, Metal, you name it!


Congested gutters are prone to causing defects to your home, as when they start to leak, may harm your interior, damage the exterior and even be detrimental to the very foundations of your household. By selecting our gutter cleaning services, the minimisation of long term damage to your home will be effectively eradicated. We provide an exceptional gutter cleaning service.

So what are you waiting for?

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“Totally professional. Cleaned up performed after the job. Quality of work is excellent with helpful paint choices. I would absolutely recommend Spectra to others.”
- Olivia S.
“Great team and company. Spectra was very easy to work with and are fast and attentive. Very pleased with the outcome. Will definitely use them again in the future if the time does come again.”
- Robert Y.
“Spectra Roof Restoration did a fantastic job cleaning my roof – I really appreciate their integrity in giving me the option to clean rather than repaint the entire roof. This will definitely allow me to get a few more years out of my roof, and we will definitely use them when painting the roof.”
- Jimmy N.