Sick of household chores? Wouldn’t you want to do something else that is exciting or relaxing instead of wasting that time trying to clean? A roof restoration job that involves cleaning and painting is a big job and requires a high level of attention to safety.  As your local roof restorers near you, you would not have to worry about such jobs anymore. Spectra Roof Restoration offers residential, commercial and industrial solutions to your roof. We are one of the best Sydney roof painters, roof repairers, roof restoration, new roof, metal roofing, and roof cleaners. We inspect, we provide, and we achieve! Call us today on 1300 208 843 to see results!


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“Spectra came highly recommended and they did not disappoint. Adam and the guys were very professional, courteous, and provided excellent customer service.”
- James L.
“Today I found out why Spectra comes so highly regarded, they are knowledgeable, friendly and have far exceeded my expectations. My problems were solved and my questions were answered. They also gave me some good pointers on what I can do to keep the roof in tip-top shape.”
- Jason F.
“I had an awesome experience with Spectra Roof Restoration. They came through on short notice, and their honesty and integrity during the inspection process really set the company overall apart.”
- Lily H.